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Re: Olympus E-3 Flash-Back Promotion!

Just an update on my experience with the E3 so far. It is like no camera I have ever handled before. It is a joy to use and experience. The image quality is outstanding and is better than my old 5D. I am now a confirmed Olympus nut.The smoothness of the files is outstanding and gives the lie to the supposed quality of the full frame sensor. there have been quite a few adverse comments of the camera by afficionados on the net but looking in my world I find the quality of the images far and away different to the standard Dslr cameras of today. Obviously you either like them or not but I find them exciting and with a quality that exceeds my expectations. As for the pixel peeping masses, just remember it is the image and not the pixels that make the picture.
I am very happy with my new purchase.

Best regards
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