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Re: 14-35 hunting focus in low light

I use the 14-35 for the majority of my work and a lot of that is done with manual focus. Low light has always been a problem when trying to focus, which is why I use the focus scale and a tape measure for close in subjects and a good sense of distance for objects further away.

Using hyperfocal distance techniques can help as well to get both sharp images and fast shutter actuation. I've also got a laser with a cross generator filter that I can use in virtual blackness, to use as a focus aid.

Obviously all these techniques work well in some situations and are useless for others. But half the fun of photography is working out how to get the pictures despite all the things that are working against us.

Try and practice some "Old School" methods and you will soon appreciate the images are more about your skills that that of the "iAuto" programmer...

We often repeat the mistakes we most enjoy...
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