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Re: E-M1..I've lost the touch screen AF positioning icon.

Originally Posted by Ross the fiddler View Post
Sorry to ask again, but what Info screens do you have enabled in Menu *D, Info Settings, LV-Info? I have all 4 enabled (ticked) in mine.

Just another thought. You say you have "Magnification by Touch with the size slider on the right & magnify touch point at the lower right." There should be an icon on the left when in that mode that should be [ ] OFF. Press it & it will turn off Magnify. Now you should have one of 3 options for Touch, Touch to focus, Touch to fire shutter or OFF (it will be there depending on which Info screen is in use as a screens with no details or level won't show it) & touching that will cycle through those options. Let us know what that is now as that was part of Version 2.0 firmware update. It didn't have the [ ] OFF function to turn off Magnification before (as far as I know).

Here is a quote from Firmware 2.0
Thanks Ross, I have done a FULL RESET again and nothing has changed,
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