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Re: viewfinder query

To answer johnheatingman, I do not take offence it is a fair suggestion which I had not considered.

I have tried both eyes (one at a time) with adjustments to dioptre thingy and get blue spots both times. That would seem to rule eyesight out (I hope).

The pic is (nearly) what I see, although it is not very good due to camera movement, exposure wrong etc. But gives an idea of my problem.

Picture taken with E-PL3 + 14-42 lens @14mm, nearly touching viewfinder (which had tape on to simulate eyeball nearby).

OMD-EM5 had no lens, no card, body cap only. Was bought secondhand over a year ago and has behaved itself up until now. Shutter count is around 12K.

As many of you have never seen or heard of this phenomena I give it to you to ponder over. lol

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