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Re: The Director in Rehearsal

Thanks Paul for that.

The 'halo' in the background of no. 1 was an artefact of the processing but there was no dodge or burn applied there. Agreed that applying the ND grad does help. It seems though as if the skin tone doesn't seem to now match with the gentleman's face - this also applies to the 'other hand' in no. 2 where it is also underexposed - is this a function of the b+w treatment by converting to grayscale?

The 'halo' I spoke of was that I obtained when trying to dodge the dominant hand in no. 2 - this hand is in focus and there is detail to be retrieved if I could darken it. An ND grad is not so simple to apply here as the hand is across the face so it becomes quite noticeable.

I'm using Lightroom 2 rather than Photoshop but the tools and approach for this work are I believe the same.

Thanks in advance for the comments

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