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Re: The Director in Rehearsal

No 1 works best for me and is a great character portrait.

Its been mentioned ,but the brightest part of portrait image should always be the face and in this case it is the hand which is detracting from the overall impact of the image.

I personely would not go with the dodging and burning tool as it is a crude tool at best as you have found.

As the background is predominantly black already (and I know that has been burnt in from the slight halo on the shoulder) then I would go with the gradiant fill adjustment layer.

Just set the black to tranparant gradiant first ,apply the adjustment layer so it covers the hand and alter the blend mode to "darker color", it will also cover part of the face but this can be removed using the grad tool on the layer mask like so .

I would also make a very slight adjustment using the highlight and shadow tool.

For your consideration.
Regards Paul.
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