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Re: Another GAS attack

Well, I've had a few days to play with the E-M5ii and it's interesting...

1) It's a very nice camera. The shutter sound is lovely and it overall has a very nice feel to it. Unlike the original E-M5, there's just enough of a kink in the front panel to mean that I'm happy to hold it without the need for the add-on HLD grip. This keeps it very small and light. Buttons etc over the original E-M5 are massively improved. Long exposure noise is MUCH better than on the E-M1.

2) The jury is still out for me on the flippy-screen. It's great for portrait orientation shots low down, but I hate the way it sticks out and flaps around for landscape orientation shooting. I find it clumsy, potentially fragile and of course very indiscreet for street shooting. I'm going to stick with it, but I really, really, really wish that Oly could have developed something like the mechanism on the Fuji XT2.

3) The Hi-Res mode is somewhat of a disappointment for me, although it's definitely got benefits. On the disappointment front, I'm finding that there isn't a huge increase in resolution per se. Maybe I'm not using the right lenses, but I'm finding that Hi-Res shots viewed at 100% are a) a bit soft; and b) not actually giving that much more extra detail. The softness can be fixed by a handful of sharpening in LR, but that doesn't add more detail of course. OTOH... noise in Hi-Res shots is much, much better (esp when downsized). I find I can push shadows and exposure enormously before noise gets out of hand and for landscape shooting that is a big, big win.

So, I'm not sure where I'll go when the E-M1ii is out. I'll probably sit out the initial reviews and then decide. The improved AF, frame rate etc holds no interest for me. Its larger size and flippy screen I see as a negative. So, unless it delivers on noise or DR, I don't see it'll offer much over the E-M5ii.
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