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1948Kustom 11th March 2018 02:40 PM

Birds In Flight Pen-F setup help .
I'm venturing out to Tichwell Marsh RSPB on Friday to try my hand at photographing birds in flight and would like some help on how to set up my Pen-F the best way for this.
I will be using a 100-300mm Panasonic lens that I bought 'used' at a knock down price.
This type of photography is out of my comfort zone so any help or advice is most welcome to help me get some images I'd be proud of !
Thanks in anticipation.


pdk42 11th March 2018 03:00 PM

Re: Birds In Flight Pen-F setup help .
Well - I'm sure some perseverance will get you there, but TBH, the Pen-F is not the ideal camera (by a long way) for BIF. I think you should forget about using C-AF since in my experience it's pretty useless. I'd stick with S-AF and try to AF and capture the image in one operation. If this isn't fast-enough, then try using MF (or S-AF with back button focus) and to focus on a known point that the birds are likely to be passing. Then just shoot without doing any re-focusing.

If BIF is really what you want to do, you'd be better swapping the Pen-F for an E-M1ii, or probably for a similar amount of money, a nice used E-M1 mark i.

As to the 100-300 lens - well, the good news is that it isn't a bad lens (I assume it's the mark i) but there are a few things worth mentioning:

- The aperture is quite slow to stop down. So if you want to get the fastest burst capacity out of the camera, then you should shoot wide open.
- The lens's sharpness is OK, but it deteriorates towards the long end. I'd be tempted to keep it to less than about 270mm.
- It's not a particularly fast lens (f4 to f5.6) so you'll need to bump up your ISO to keep shutter speed acceptable.

Hope that helps!

1948Kustom 11th March 2018 04:32 PM

Re: Birds In Flight Pen-F setup help .
Hi Paul,
I realise that my Pen-F is not the best camera to use but as it's the only m4/3rds I have ( currently....) I intend to try it out on birds in flight to see how I get on.
Thanks for the useful tips on the Panasonic 100-300mm mark 1 lens and settings to try.
Hopefully the weather will be kind to me !
Kind regards,

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