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Janet 15th May 2011 12:30 PM

Changing lenses?
When I originally bought my e520, I was told to always turn the camera off whilst changing lenses...is this really necessary?

It's such a faff to have to turn off the camera each time and then have to reset all the settings...WB, ISO etc...

I have an important and very fast moving event coming up, where I'm probably going to need to change lenses quite often. A second body would be the ideal, but finances are a bit stretched at the moment, to say the least.

Any advice will be gratefully received!


PS. I have my eye on a second hand e500 (from another forum member) which, if finances allow, I'll be buying as a second body. Any comments on this? I really don't know anything about the e500, but I suspect it will do the job just fine.

Ross the fiddler 15th May 2011 01:27 PM

Re: Changing lenses?
When the release button is pressed, it disconnects the lens electrically but one thing to note, the dust removal doesn't operate (I just tried it on my E520). So, yes you can do it with power on, but it is better to turn the camera off.

I just noticed your comment on the settings. The camera doesn't lose (or shouldn't) the settings when you turn it off.

A second body with the other lens is a good idea. Someone else will have to comment on the E500.

Janet 15th May 2011 01:39 PM

Re: Changing lenses?
Just checked, and it does lose the settings when switched off.

That was with the camera set to Auto though...I'll have to check if it still loses the settings in other modes.


Ross the fiddler 15th May 2011 01:54 PM

Re: Changing lenses?

Originally Posted by Janet (Post 115039)
Just checked, and it does lose the settings when switched off.

That was with the camera set to Auto though...I'll have to check if it still loses the settings in other modes.


;) Simple answer to that is, don't use Auto. :D
I prefer to use Aperture Priority to control DoF or to have maximum aperture in low light situations. I would say to at least use P (program mode) instead of Auto & then you have some control over the camera. That should maintain the last settings you use when you switch it off.


shenstone 15th May 2011 06:26 PM

Re: Changing lenses?
I almost never switch off to change lenses and personally I don't think it is necessary

There is some logic to it in that when you turn it back on any dust that has just got in may be cleaned off, but then again it's it's just got in would it be on the sensor yet, or more likely it will be still floating around in the body.

I never use Auto so can't comment on that and settings like WB should not change, but lens type settings F stop etc will obviosuly need changeing with a new lens put on anyway.

Re the E-500 - still a good camera, but it is to be honest a little noisier and prone to hot pixels compared to things like the E-30 and E-620. I think you will not be unhappy with it up to ISO 400 and not over 1/2 a second exposure (IMO).

I sill use mine when I go caving or under the landrover because I'd rather damage that than one of the new ones.

It didn't have IS and I find that helps in a number of situations so would suggest if you could find one I would suggest looking for an E-510 or above, but if you can get the E-500 at a good price then I think you will be happy with it


Janet 15th May 2011 07:14 PM

Re: Changing lenses?

Simple answer to that is, don't use Auto
I don't always use Auto, but I do switch to it when I put the camera to bed, as you never know when you may need it in a hurry and I'm too thick to remember what setting I left it on! I've been using it with some MF legacy lenses recently, but when I've finished, I always attach one of my standard lenses and set it back to auto, just in case, so it's ready to go.

Case in point...woken up at 2.00am the other night with fire engines outside the house again...grabbed Oly and took just three shots...if I'd had to mess around with settings I'd probably have got none at all...



I just had time to whack it up to ISO 1600 as I left the house...at least having the camera on Auto ensured I got something!


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