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Graham_of_Rainham 19th February 2008 03:49 PM

Head Shots
Trying out a new lens. Would very much appreciate comments


theMusicMan 19th February 2008 04:11 PM

Re: Head Shots
As this is in the 'Looking for Perfection' section:

I think this is a superb image, wonderful smile and expression, with excellent composition and angle. However the things that lets this down slightly for me is (1) the exposure and (2) it is slightly soft. When photographing a face, it's the eyes that need to draw the viewers attention. Unfortunately in this image, the eyes are somewhat dark and one can only just make out the iris/pupil in them.

This is a shame, as you've captured a great image there. Do you have the RAW file and can work on the levels around the eyes in PhotoShop...? I am sure this could turn into an even greater shot with a little PP.

Nick Temple-Fry 19th February 2008 05:29 PM

Re: Head Shots
Well the focus seems to be on the teeth or the bridge of the nose, not the eyes which have become a bit lost.

I also wonder whether the 'low key' approach suits the models character, given the lip ring.

But it is a fine picture nevertheless.


OlyPaul 19th February 2008 07:04 PM

Re: Head Shots
I think Nick has hit it on the head, although I think the eyes are sharp and its the fact they are dark that gives that impression.

Ok I hate giving critiques as I tend to come across as to harsh sometimes but you did put it here.

1- Top marks for interacting with your subject and capturing a natural happy portrait , not a easy thing to do.

2- I like the tight compostion as it adds to the intamacy of the image and draws you into that happy mood.

3-The lighting is very poor and looks like the built in camera flash was used which had done you and the subject no favours and it looks underexposed in the eye area yet has started to burn the skin tones out, a soft diffused light and high key approach would have suited the subject better.

I took it into Elements 6 to roughly show how using this approach would have effected the image..hope you do not mind.:)


Xpres 19th February 2008 07:09 PM

Re: Head Shots
I think Paul just about summed it up nicely.
I was wondering however, which lens were you testing? And why did you chose this image for a crit'.

Graham_of_Rainham 20th February 2008 01:15 PM

Re: Head Shots
I really do appreciate the comments you have all made. To have downloaded the image and applied PS techniques is especially welcomed as it shows so well, not only what can be done, but in a way that the improvements can be readily seen (Paul - please see PM)

I took this by a window on a very bright day and the young lady was wearing almost "theatrical" makeup. It was one of the rare occasions when one of my jokes was laughed at (she's a very polite girl).

The lens is a 14-54 that I imported from the US at a cost of 196 (inc all tax, etc..) and this was its first outing. I found it to be more of an improvement on the kit lens than I expected, but I still have to get used to the focusing.

From all that has been said I reallise I need to look seriously at improving my PS skills

Thanks again folks


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