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Daveart 24th November 2011 11:20 AM

E30 at iso 3200 in low light
Hi Valentine Warner taken at the Good Food Show Awards yesterday, with the E30 at iso 3200 with the 70 to 300mm lens at 226mm f5.6 shutter speed 1/320th hand held out of camera jpeg, don't normally take shots in jpeg as I had taken a couple of shots the other day in jpeg for the misses and forgot to reset to raw didn't realise until I came to upload them to the computer.

And noise setting in camera was off and in LN setting.

As the show was a Radio 4 broadcast the lights were lower than normal stage setting hence iso 3200.

Treatment was CS5 raw to correct the WB and a little noise removal.
Then in to CS5 to tweak levels and contrast cropped to a square format and size reduction for web.

I think Olympus E30 does a good job, Any and All comments welcomed.



Ross the fiddler 24th November 2011 11:32 AM

Re: E30 at iso 3200 in low light
Didn't his lady turn his collar down for him. ;)

Is that the actual colour of the lights, because I would be tempted to perhaps tweak the WB a bit? It certainly looks pretty good for its high ISO.


Daveart 24th November 2011 11:55 AM

Re: E30 at iso 3200 in low light
Hi Thanks for your comments, I did tweak the white balance and as there was mixed lights it is pretty much as it was colour wise, I did brighten it up a little as the lighting was a bit dimmer than it looks in the image as I remember it they had red, blue and green gel lights on and a white spot light as well.

I was pretty pleased that no concerning colour casts or odd colours.


Zuiko 24th November 2011 12:56 PM

Re: E30 at iso 3200 in low light
This is what you get from Olympus at high ISO if you expose correctly. Just half a stop less exposure and it would have looked terrible but as it is it looks great. :)

Daveart 24th November 2011 01:13 PM

Re: E30 at iso 3200 in low light
Thanks John for your comments, I didn't do any exposure compensation, I was surprised that lifting the brightness didn't cause much increase in noise, which I did expect a lot more noise creeping in, but held quite well this is the first time that I went up into the iso 3200, came out better than expected. The lighting was quite even although low, which made a lot of difference to the noise levels.


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