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RogerMac 15th February 2009 09:42 PM

PMA rumour
I picked up this rumour on an American 4/3 site
My local dealer told me just yesterday (Feb 14) that Olympus is set to announce a new body "next week." It is supposed to sit between the E-520 and E-30. It replaces neither the E-520 nor E-420. It's a new class. This information is straight from the Olympus rep.

That's all I know. I apologize if this has been discussed elsewhere. I did not see it explicitly in the PMA Rumors thread.

My opinion: Given the general equality of street price between the E-30 and E-3, this is a good move by Olympus and possibly explains the seemingly high E-30 introduction price. I think the upgrade cost from E-520 to E-30 is a bit tough for many to swallow. An $800 (my guess) body may attract a lot of attention.

Jim Pilcher
Colorado, USA

My money would be on a full sized 4/3 body but with an EVF - eliminating the mirror box and leaving room for a very fancy new sensor.

Any other suggestions?


photo_owl 15th February 2009 10:52 PM

Re: PMA rumour
don't understand how the fancy new 43thds sensor would need more room than the old 43rds sensor - let alone why it would be launched in a tier 3 body when a T2 is currently rolling out........

but then again I wouldn't expect the first evf to appear in an E body either

rather boringly I could see 630 being a 5 series body size + with the new sensor, processor and articulating screen - with the latter maybe even a new high rez item (unlikely though) and the 420/520 being left alone a bit like the Nikon d40/d40x.........

RogerMac 15th February 2009 11:32 PM

Re: PMA rumour

Originally Posted by photo_owl (Post 37887)
don't understand how the fancy new 43thds sensor would need more room than the old 43rds sensor

There have been odd rumours for at least 18 months that Oly was developing a "Triad" sensor - that's three separate sensors for the three primary colours (such sensors are already in use in video cameras) but that would mean that beam splitters had to used, taking up space. Nobody could see how that could be fitted into a body using a conventional mirror, however if you eliminate the mirror.....................................

I expect to see such a camera one day but have no facts to suppose that it is really imminent - just dreaming


photo_owl 16th February 2009 10:00 AM

Re: PMA rumour
ah - understand

I agree that such developments will happen, and it will make sense for Olympus to deliver these behind either m43 or 43 lenses when they do.

What I don't see is the need (or likely hood) of such developments under the E banner which are DSRLs and have optical viewfinders and mirrors (that's the R bit historically)

it will be interesting over the next few years though

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