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Petrochemist 25th April 2015 01:21 PM

Some recent infra red shots.
Last weekend I was working away from home & took the chance to explore more distant areas.
Here are a few of the infra red shots I took, suggestions for improvement gratefully received:

https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7659/...05dcf4c3_b.jpgBreedon on the Hill (Infra red) 2 by Analyst 1, on Flickr

https://farm9.staticflickr.com/8813/...d13750c6_b.jpgGrace Dieu Proiry (Infra red) 10 by Analyst 1, on Flickr

https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7700/...2b2c68a0_b.jpgIslip fishing lake (Infra red) by Analyst 1, on Flickr

https://farm9.staticflickr.com/8750/...5f624ee8_b.jpgRiver Nene at Islip (Infra red) 2 by Analyst 1, on Flickr

All taken with a Full spectrum converted camera, Olympus 17mm pancake & 720nm filter, either in the early half of the morning or after work, so noonday sun wasn't an option. :(

MargaretR 27th April 2015 05:16 PM

Re: Some recent infra red shots.
I appreciate it was not a factor under your control, but something I always feel 'makes' a good IR image is a strong sky. Number 2 above - the Priory - has nice cloud formations, which come out well in IR and give the sky interest. Number 4, by comparison, has nothing going on in the sky, and is less interesting on that front. Number 1 is sort of half and half cloud interest at the horizon, but nothing further up. Sadly, we can't control the skies!

Looking at number 4, I also feel it's a bit dark in the lower half you're losing detail of reflections in the water, which could be brought out. Maybe try Auto Levels in PS as a simple fix, see if that helps? Or if you use LR, try a gradient with maybe +0.5 stop from the bottom to about halfway up?

What's your normal post-processing routine?

Peter_Hartland 27th April 2015 07:47 PM

Re: Some recent infra red shots.
Like the dram in the 2nd image

Ralph Harwood 27th April 2015 11:05 PM

Re: Some recent infra red shots.
Hi there Mike!

Good to see some more IR on the forum! I like the second the best - as Margaret say's a strong sky always helps IR photographs, and I think that the ruins come out well with the IR filter too. I've had some of my best results with a longer wavelength (760nm or 850nm) in terms of bringing detail out from (and darkening) the sky.

With the first am I right in thinking that you are shooting into the sun? It does seem to have a very bright sky , which (and this is purely my thoughts and prejudices) I normally avoid when I'm taking IR. You might however think that black skys and fluffy white clouds is a little cliched though!

I do like the black water and reflections in the third and fourth images though - very nicely done!



Petrochemist 28th April 2015 09:19 AM

Re: Some recent infra red shots.
Thankyou all
The first one was shot on the Friday evening & would have been looking roughly SE, so wouldn't have been into the sun. The sky was rather overcast, but with the sun peeping through I decided to give IR a go. I think all the sky in this view was clouds but at least the lower level stuff came out darker, giving some interest. I agree shooting into the sun tends not to work well (I guess because scattered/reflected light generally has much lower IR) I still give it a go anyway but rarely get anything worthwhile.

The last two were taken on the way home on the monday morning. I'd been driving in Fog/heavy mist, for about an hour & thought that would give nice atmospheric shots by the river. Within ten minutes of parking the mist was pretty much gone & the sun came out so I switched to IR instead!

I usually use Firestone for my post processing which has always been very limited. I do have a copy of PS elements but have yet to get to grips with it. My usual post would involve tweaking levels (& perhaps curves or shadows), cropping & cloning out dust and sometime a bit of playing with the colour. I'll have another go at those dark reflections. There are rarer occations when I'll use other techniques such as panoramic stitching (using ICE) With non IR shots I've also played with focus stacking & HDR and intend to try image averaging to reduce noise in my astro attempts.

I've found the transmission of my Panasonic lenses drops off significantly above 800nm so have tended to leave the longer wavelength filters unused on my µ4/3 kit. Measuring my olympus lenses has proved more difficult as the shorter focal lengths make aligning the lens in the spectrometer much more critical - a quick look at the numbers I've got suggests the Olympus lenses have better IR transmission, but still block UV very effectively. I'll have to give the 860nm another go (the 950nm is probably still overkill unless I want a long exposure)

One of the advantages of working in Science is that I can use some of our lab equipment in my lunchtimes for more important jobs like checking the transmission of my lenses & filters! Unfortunately I can't justify upgrading the spectrometer with an integrating sphere which would make matters eaiser - works liquid samples have no use for one.

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