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iso 20th January 2017 03:35 PM

Spotty Blackbird
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I remember seeing similar years ago. Any Birder like to make a comment?
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Olybirder 20th January 2017 04:04 PM

Re: Spotty Blackbird
That is a leucistic bird. A genetic abnomality leads to a lack of melanin pigment in the plumage, causing it to go white to varying degrees. Some birds end up completely white, which is bad news as they stand out and can quickly become prey for Sparrowhawks etc. It is similar to albinism, but the birds have normal looking eyes, rather than pink.


iso 20th January 2017 04:32 PM

Re: Spotty Blackbird
Thank you Ron. Many of them about??

Walti 20th January 2017 05:02 PM

Re: Spotty Blackbird
We have a female here with a white tail feather...

MJ224 20th January 2017 05:02 PM

Re: Spotty Blackbird
I had one in the garden a couple of years ago.

Nice to be able to see and identify him..


David M 20th January 2017 10:11 PM

Re: Spotty Blackbird
It's partially leucistic lacking dark pigmentation in patches. Not uncommon in Blackbirds for some reason. I don't recall ever seeing any other members of the Thrush family with it.

pandora 21st January 2017 12:06 AM

Re: Spotty Blackbird
Very interesting genetic abnormality, indeed not only confined to birds but also humans.

As drmark may verify, in humans it is called viti ligo due to interracial beeding.
My brother and I have white pigmentation patches on top, sides and back of our head due to our Chinese / Irish heritage.
It appeared only a few years ago. If it spreads I may become entirely white ... *shrug

greyhound 22nd January 2017 12:34 PM

Re: Spotty Blackbird
https://c1.staticflickr.com/9/8475/8...e8b8dbf2_b.jpgLeucistic Jackdaw - Symington - South Lanarkshire by Elmer Duck, on Flickr

Here is a leucistic Jackdaw one of two we reported to the BTO abnormal Plumage Survey a few years back. As this bird was easily identifiable, we were able follow it and its mate as they successfully reared one chick. We were surprised and moved by the care and attention lavished on the young bird by the parents. Of the two, this bird was particularly aggressive towards any other birds which came close to the chick. The motto seemed to be attack first, ask questions later. I should say both this bird's mate and the chick had normal plumage.

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