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drmarkf 27th June 2018 06:39 AM

IR screw-in filter supplier recommendations?
Please can anyone pass on any experience theyíve had with screw-in infra-red filters bought off eBay or elsewhere?

Iíve already got a nice Hoya 720nm from Amazon, but the less commonly used filters arenít widely available, and although several Chinese suppliers on the ĎBay seem to get decent reviews, it would be good to get some personal recommendations. Zomei seem to be commonly offered, with Neewer (often cheaper). There are a couple of European suppliers, including one in Belgium.
Iím particularly after 58mm 590nm and c. 850nm filters for my new full spectrum E-M10ii.
Did they supply promptly, and are the filters OK?

Many thanks for any guidance.

Ian 27th June 2018 12:22 PM

Re: IR screw-in filter supplier recommendations?
I'm surprised there are no responses, Mark. Sadly, my own experience is very limited as I decided to get a spare E-PL1 body converted some time ago.


raichea 27th June 2018 02:22 PM

Re: IR screw-in filter supplier recommendations?
I've found this one


OK on my converted E-M5 (665nm). It's a 720nm, though. I've also tried a Neewer 760nm and that produced expected results, too.

Petrochemist 27th June 2018 02:50 PM

Re: IR screw-in filter supplier recommendations?
Nearly all the IR filters I have are cheap Chinese ones (650nm, 680nm, 720nm, 760nm, 850nm & 950nm as well as a variable wavelength one). They seem to work just fine, certainly the spectral effects match their naming fairly well - with generally fairly sharp transitions from <0.1% to >95% transmission (the 950nm is an exception but I've never seen web data showing sharp transitions around that wavelength).

I don't have the means to access the flatness/optical uniformity etc. but results I've had have been quite usable, perhaps marginally less sharp than the most expensive filters, but that could easily be my focusing or CA etc from longer wavelengths than the lens was designed for.

The only IR filters I have that aren't Chinese ones are 1" un-mounted technical glass discs (IRC-09, BG3, OG590, RG9 etc) rather than photographic grade filters so again are possibly not controlled tightly on their image quality. Of course many old photographic filters are also usable the 25A is my favorite on a full spectrum camera. - Which is actually very close to 600nm at the 50% transmission point, not exactly a 590 but close enough IMO.

FWIW my technical glass came from a company just outside Cambridge. They're called UQG, and also do 2" discs & 2" squares, but are considerably more expensive than e-bay :(

drmarkf 27th June 2018 08:14 PM

Re: IR screw-in filter supplier recommendations?
Thanks, folks.
Several little gems there.

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