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Phill D 19th April 2019 10:10 AM

6s hand held!
Shot in Chee Tor Tunnel Millers Dale Derbyshire. I was amazed at how long an exposure I could get. First slightly cropped image.


Second uncropped. As you can see there does seem to be some blur more on the lhs not sure why it would be worse on one side? but at 6s hand held :eek: I'm not complaining.


wornish 19th April 2019 10:29 AM

Re: 6s hand held!
6 seconds handheld is amazing - great shots.

Like you, I have no idea why the second is only blurred on 1 side - very strange.

jonesy 19th April 2019 10:43 AM

Re: 6s hand held!
Amazing. When we walked through the tunnels last year i resorted to putting the camera on the ground to get anything halfway as good as that.

pdk42 19th April 2019 10:53 AM

Re: 6s hand held!
I've noticed edge blurring on very long hand held shots. I'm pretty sure it's an IBIS artefact.

pandora 19th April 2019 07:01 PM

Re: 6s hand held!
I would have been tempted to title a great shot like that- "Tunnel Vision" Phill. (That might explain the anomalous bluriness) I love eerie blue lighting.

chris 19th April 2019 08:35 PM

Re: 6s hand held!
great work Phill, love it!
I've never been there.... off to google!

OM USer 19th April 2019 09:11 PM

Re: 6s hand held!
Well done and great technique.

Barr1e 20th April 2019 08:15 AM

Re: 6s hand held!
Hi Phill -

Impressive - thanks.


Wee man 20th April 2019 08:18 AM

Re: 6s hand held!
You would have done well in the Dunlin photo show. Olympus stand had a competition for the longest hand held shot with the new body.

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Phill D 21st April 2019 05:53 AM

Re: 6s hand held!
Thanks for the compliments guys much appreciated and lots of kudos to Olympus for developing such an amazing system.
Thinking about that blurring on the lhs maybe it was because I was closer to the wall that side and it was oof anyway as I used f4.0, plus if my camera shake moved more left to right horizontally that would be the bit that would show the most change. 6s is a bit extreme though so not a big issue, actually it sort of helps move the eye down the tunnel as I view the image :)
Great title Mark, why didn't I think of that! thanks.
Chris it is just off the road next to the Abseiling site marked on Google Maps. There is a pay ex railway station car park there to park in.
Ed it would have been a bit of a long way to go to enter that competition! oh and I took it with their old tech the EM1 mk2 so presumably would be disallowed.

Phill D 21st April 2019 07:33 AM

Re: 6s hand held!
Here's a similar shot at a slightly shorter 3.2s. I think the brickwork detail is pretty impressive, again slightly cropped.


And uncropped no real sign of the lhs blur as on the longer shot. So it looks like an artefact of the longer exposure.


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