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Ricoh 22nd August 2016 09:44 AM

Re: faulty 17mm or normal ??
Nice work!!
Re zone, since DoF on u43 is 2 stops greater, you could try f5.6 or f4 - check out a DoF calculator, freely available on the net, download to your smartphone too.

And having set the zone focus manually, gaffer tape the focus ring so it can't move. One of the big advantages of using a manual camera with all those markings on the lens barrel is being able to change the absolute focus point and hence the depth of the zone as you're walking around. After a while you become a reasonable estimator of distance as your closing in on someone, quickly adjust the lens and bingo.

The other thing I'd mention with regard to street, shutter speed is king. You need a minimum of 1/320 (I like 1/500 of faster, I aim for 1/1000) to stop motion blur of people walking. I try for 1/1000 and allow the ISO to do its own thing at f8. Grain or noise is far better than a blurry shot as a result of the SS being too low.

Try it and post up, I look forward...

drmarkf 23rd August 2016 11:03 AM

Re: faulty 17mm or normal ??
Yes, I agree with all of Steve's points there.

I'd just add that (as I've done more of it) my preferred focal length for street has gone wider. I used 50 and then 35 FF equivalent for years, but now I like the 15mm f1.7 PL if I'm using a prime. I do more close-in shooting these days, rather than "people in the urban environment".

Having said that, I do use the 12-35 f2.8 Panasonic a lot as well, especially in medieval city centres where the streets are often very narrow and 28mm FF equivalent is probably best. It's also good to have the option to go even wider in crowded places like markets, and to a short tele for 'travel' shots. I do keep it most of the time at 17mm (35mm FF) though, and I try to zoom with my feet rather than with the lens.

Almost forgot: try using the tap-to-focus option on the rear screen of m4/3 cameras, while it's tilted up and you're looking down like on a twin lens reflex. That's the fastest way by far to move a focus point in AF and you don't need to recompose as long as the subject isn't right at the edge of the frame and so not covered by a focus point.

Ricoh 23rd August 2016 11:30 AM

Re: faulty 17mm or normal ??
Coincidentally, I'm on my way out to use the 15/1.7 coupled with the GM5.
In tight situations, the Panasonic 7-14 comes in handy too. Always using MF and zone at all times.

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