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cariadus 4th July 2019 02:42 PM

Olympus IS-3000 Part 2 - Photos
Following on from my post about my 'new' Nineties wonder machine Olympus IS-3000, I've now put a couple of rolls of film through it. The first wasn't a great success, the expired Kodak Gold Ultra was obviously way past its best. The second roll was Agfa Vista 200 and that one came out OK.

These were taken at Brackla Fun Day in Bridgend last weekend.

There were all sorts of critters with which people could get up close and personal - but having the zoom I didn't need to get too close!

35mm is the widest the lens will go without an add-on converter, but still pretty useful when you want to get a wide-ish shot.

The auto-focus can be a bit hit or miss, but mostly it does the job pretty well

Not sure what focal length this was but somewhere around 50-ish I think.

There are some frustrations with using a camera like this - there's a program mode, but not program-shift so you have to take whatever shutter speed/aperture the camera gives you. The control for aperture in aperture priority mode is in completely the wrong place, I had to take my eye away from the viewfinder to find it. On the other hand, the shutter dial is in just the right place so I shot in shutter priority mode most of the time.

The information in the viewfinder for shutter speed etc is on the right, which somehow seems unnatural to me, I'd prefer it on the left or along the bottom, and the numbers are hard to see in bright light. You can pull the camera slightly forwards though and see the numbers on the rear LCD screen so that wasn't a major problem.

Auto focus is a bit hit and miss, but surprisingly for a camera of this type manual focus works really well.

The trouble is that due to the similar form factor I can't help comparing it to my Hasselblad H1, which is very unfair because the H1 cost a great deal more money. On the H1 the controls are all in exactly the right place, the information in the viewfinder is just about perfect, the auto focus works really well and it's generally a joy to use.

Having said that, I do like the IS-3000 and for the price I can live with the imperfections. In fact, I've just bought another one so I can have one for colour film and one for B&W. And the two cameras together cost less than 50.

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