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MMcK 28th May 2012 04:09 AM

E520 faulty in full manual mode
While my E520 in full manual mode has, on rare occasions, worked properly, most of the time it won't work as specified in the instructions.

Aperture can be adjusted as set out in the instruction manual but shutter speed rarely changes when the control dial is turned.
I try to overcome this by shifting the mode to shutter priority, setting the speed, then returning to full manual - but the shutter speed then shifts to one stop before or after the one I selected. I then try to overcome this by setting a 'false' value in shutter priority and hoping that it shifts to the one I want in manual mode. If I'm lucky enough to set it correctly, the camera loses the setting when I turn it off and selects a random one on startup.

My reason for trying to persist with manual mode is that I frequently use an after-market ring-flash for macro work so I can't rely on the auto settings of the camera. The problem was evident before I purchased the ring-flash.

johnwb 28th May 2012 05:54 AM

Re: E520 faulty in full manual mode
Full manual seems to work like this.

Enter full manual mode and press the info button.
Screen is shown with all the settings.
On my camera the speed is selected. this can be changed by rotating the dial.
To select the aperture press the +/- dial by the shuitter button. The selection goes to the aperture figure. Again rotate the the dial and the value changes.

Press the info button to return to norm.
Go to live view press !()! and you will see the settings along with the over/under exposure figure.

Hope this helps.


MMcK 28th May 2012 06:15 AM

Re: E520 faulty in full manual mode
Yes, thanks John.

What you describe is how the manual says it should work but the problem I encounter is as I stated. I suspect the computer or whatever runs the thing is faulty as the problem shows up more times than not.


johnwb 28th May 2012 06:47 AM

Re: E520 faulty in full manual mode
What is 'the manual'? Not trying to describe a manual just trying to isolate the symptoms.

You could be right as to suspect the computer chip, but my next step would be to reset the camera by taking the battery out. In so doing remove all the settings. Re-charge the battery, and when ready clean all the common contact points for the battery and the camera, insert the battery, switch on. This would the best I can think of at the moment to a 'reboot' of the system. You may have perhaps, tried this already but and I will think on.

If you have tried this, set the main dial to A, press info button and then the +/- button and hold. Rotate the dial. Does the over/under exposure indicator change? If it does this will show that the +/- button if functioning.

Another aspect I have just noticed is that when I press the +/- button from the manual setting, I get the info screen and pressing the +/- button again does not select the other setting. ??? You must press the info button to get into the info screen, and then the +/- button to change the selection.


MMcK 28th May 2012 09:12 AM

Re: E520 faulty in full manual mode
Thanks again John,

I've given the contacts a good clean and worked with the +/- button, Mode dial and control dial as you suggested and it appears that somewhere in the process all has become normal.

I'll give it a workout in the field in a few day's time and see how it goes.



Ross the fiddler 28th May 2012 11:17 AM

Re: E520 faulty in full manual mode
Hope you have it sorted OK. I didn't see it mentioned (well not the way I was expecting it to be), that in M, when the the [+/-] button is pressed, the shutter speed or aperture will be highlighted yellow (from white) & that is the active adjustment. Did it & does do it now, toggle from one to the other (when pressing the [+/-] button)?

BTW, the contacts of the mode dial selecter can become a little tarnished & if that happens, that will give spurious selections (as it does on my E30 occasionally) when first switching on. If this happens, just rotate the mode slector dial in both directions a couple of times & it usually clears the issue (for the time being).

MMcK 28th May 2012 01:08 PM

Re: E520 faulty in full manual mode
Thanks Ross,

See the previous discussion thread with John.

It seems that cleaning the battery contacts inside the camera and 're-booting' it has - for the present - fixed the problem. All will be revealed when I put it to serious work again.


koxlc 17th November 2012 01:38 AM

Re: E520 faulty in full manual mode
I have encountered that same problem and in my case solution was in bracketing settings, while camera was operating in one shot mode (opposite of burst mode used for bracketing).
Have tried it out, so i am pretty sure you should take care that AE BKT is set off. (Menu> Record 2> 7 Selection (3 from behind))

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