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David Morison 16th December 2014 05:10 PM

First videos
My neighbour was singing with our village singers at a carol session in our pub and asked me to video her singing one particular song for her son in the US. I'd never done this on my E-M1 before so I wasn't expecting a lot. My main issue was the Auto White Balance and the C-AF. The WB was constantly going from warm to cold even though there was constant lighting and the subject was fixed, If I had realised this was going to be an issue I'd have done a custom setting but it was too late before I found out.

The C-AF was going slightly in and out of focus throughout the filming even though the subject was not moving relative to the AF area, I managed to avoid any issues by pre-focusing and then selecting MF.

Was it just my inexperience or have any others encountered these problems?

Many thanks


dralum 16th December 2014 05:30 PM

Re: First videos
Hi David,
unfortunately you just described my findings from yesterday :(
I just got the camera yesterday so didn't get a chance to try it fully but the first experiente was shocking - exactly as yours...
Cheers, Tomas

JohnGG 16th December 2014 11:25 PM

Re: First videos
Hi David,

The only experience I've had was taking videos of my daughters trying to use a hoola-hoop when we were on holiday last summer. The lighting conditions were very good with strong, late afternoon sunlight coming from over my shoulder so there was plenty of contrast for the AF to work with. I had no problems with varying white balance or autofocus, I just left everything on auto. Perhaps the lighting in the pub was dim enough to cause the problems you experienced?



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