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Haisbro 10th February 2008 08:52 PM

E3 plays rugby
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For the observant and regulars on the forum it will be noted that i have tried the new camera in different situations and using the different features.

This weekend it was the turn of sport and testing the AF and firmware update. It was nice and bright so I went to a rugby match where North Walsham were playing a National league game at home. I got there early and did some test shots of the teams warming up trying to chose the best settings for the camera. I was using E3 with EC14 and 50-200 lens. A meter reading at the time was 1/500 at 5.6 iso 250. The light was constant so i set it to manual for the first half with IS on 1.

The game ended after sunset and with no floodlights.:(

There were some strange focusing issues but until i have further tested further i wouldn't bet against them being down to me and my inexperience both with the camera and in tackling rugby photography.

What i did learn was that the shutter speed i was using was probably too slow. I would go for 1/750 to 1/1000 in future. Whilst i used IS on 1 i would like to try on monopod set to 2 and/or even switched off. Also experiment more with AF settings, all in all a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon. H





theMusicMan 10th February 2008 10:57 PM

Re: E3 plays rugby
I have found that the E-3 far outperforms my E-510 when I do rugby shots Haisbro. I regularly take shots of my daughters U11's games - but not wanting to hijack your thread I shall only post a link to some I took this morning. Fantastic conditions to be honest; very bright - allowing fast shutter speeds, sunny - giving rich colour, nice kit colours too - always helps :)

Watcha think?

Most at ISO800


Haisbro 11th February 2008 09:06 AM

Re: E3 plays rugby
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Feel free to join in, i want to learn how to use the camera and if this becomes a 'How to photograph rugby' then thats what its about.

There are some realty nice images there, what metering, focus points did you use. In the game i was at half the pitch was in shade from trees, it seemed to fool the AF at times.

On another series of shots its focused on the background when in CAF, not helpful when the player is scoring a try though having looked at the two images i suspect because i had not zoomed in as i panned the camera has seen the hedge and focused on that rather than picking an AF point on the moving figures.

The E3 is a computer, computers are always right, humans make the mistakes?



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