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RobEW 13th October 2017 03:58 PM

Sad loss of rigidity (macro flash arm)
I was pleased to be possessor of one of these https://www.amazon.co.uk/Koolertron-...MR8P16Y66S0RVX - a wonderfully versatile twin macro flash arm, obtained used very cheaply. Ut is supposed to be able to support flashes of up to 300g on each arm. Sadly though I find that even the diminutive Metz 26 AF-2 (115g + 2*AAA batteries) is enough to make either of the arms droop :-( .

Various ebay and amazon sellers seem to be offering what looks like pretty much the same product, from about 13.00. Does anyone use one of these and have an idea how long they last? May be worth the risk of failure rather than buy much more expensive gear ...

Petrochemist 14th October 2017 10:26 AM

Re: Sad loss of rigidity (macro flash arm)
The arms used in that are made to supply cutting fluids to precise locations in metal machining. It's possible to take them apart at each link & get new sections (I've seen them in 2 diameters in Radio Spares & they're probably also from many other sources). I think the end sections have just been epoxied into the tubes.

We used to use the wider section version for holding sampling tubes in awkward locations, but also found that they weakened till they couldn't support their own weight.

I wouldn't be surprised if the tubing on the cheap versions doesn't actually come from exactly the same source as on the expensive ones!

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