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blu-by-u 5th March 2019 08:29 AM

Superwide 7-14,7.5,8mm
Planning for my coming Bromo trip. Milkyway is the main focus.

I have already that 7-14/2.8 but I am looking to something brighter. That Laowa 7.5/2 seems to fit the bill, low price, small and light

BUT with an EM1.2, I can use that Oly 8mm FE as a Rectilinear.

What are your thoughts?

I am planning not to bring that 7-14. would I be making a mistake?

Walti 5th March 2019 12:00 PM

Re: Superwide 7-14,7.5,8mm
I have the Laowa 7.5 f2 and really like the lens, it’s tiny and the image quality is as good as the 7-14 4/3 lens I had so would recommend it!

pdk42 5th March 2019 12:07 PM

Re: Superwide 7-14,7.5,8mm
I'm no expert, but isn't a fisheye better for wide-field astro (no stretching of stars at edge of frame)? The 8mm f1.8 is super fast too - you can usually do an exposure at a reasonable ISO that's short enough to stop star trails.

blu-by-u 6th March 2019 01:16 AM

Re: Superwide 7-14,7.5,8mm
That's what I am thinking. either that Laowa or the 8mm.

Walti 6th March 2019 08:12 AM

Re: Superwide 7-14,7.5,8mm

Originally Posted by blu-by-u (Post 474163)
That's what I am thinking. either that Laowa or the 8mm.

The Laowa gives a rectalinier image

blu-by-u 8th March 2019 03:51 AM

Re: Superwide 7-14,7.5,8mm
Think I will settle for the Laowa. It's slightly cheaper, Smaller and lighter. The reviews on the points to a lot of CA. Hope I am not going the wrong direction. Now to hunt for a low cost unit of that Laowa. ;)

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