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baldyb 26th January 2011 09:40 AM

G2 and oly 4/3 lens OIS
Spoke to a couple of dealers yesterday as I want to go and try out the G2 and E-PL1.

Asked them about several things including IS and was told that (obviously) the E-PL1 has IBIS so there would be no problem using my existing 4/3 lenses with an adapter but one dealer said that they would also be fine on the G2 as the OIS is still set in camera - once it was switched on any lens without an on/off switch (ie the panasonic 14-45 and 45-200) would therefore still be stabilised.:confused:

Could anyone with the G2 and oly 4/3 lenses + adapter confirm this, as it's not what I had thought?

StephenL 26th January 2011 11:11 AM

Re: G2 and oly 4/3 lens OIS
Using the G2 plus an Oly lens,either 4/3 with adaptor or straight m4/3, you DO NOT have IS.

The IS switch on the G2 is simply to set IS on or off when fitted with Panasonic lenses which do not have the external switch, ie, the 14-42. The 45-200 has an external switch so you can use either method. Don't know about the old 14-45 though.

Update - the old 14-45 does have the external IS switch

Alan Clogwyn 26th January 2011 11:30 AM

Re: G2 and oly 4/3 lens OIS
The IS in Panasonic lenses is just that, in the lens. Use anything other than an OIS lens on Panasonic bpodies and it won't be stabilised. The 14-45mm has an external switch the same as the 45-20 too. Turning them off doesn't actually turn the IS system off altogether as the camera uses it for it's orientation sensing.

baldyb 26th January 2011 12:49 PM

Re: G2 and oly 4/3 lens OIS
Thanks Stephen and Alan.

You've confirmed my understanding - I suppose a dealer can't know everything but that is a pretty fundamental point!


StephenL 26th January 2011 01:00 PM

Re: G2 and oly 4/3 lens OIS
The point is, you go to a dealer expecting expert advice, otherwise you buy off the web! A dealer SHOULD know everything about what she/he sells. In the olden days they did.

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