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bobtimber 11th January 2011 09:09 PM

Any user reviews/tests on the new micro 75-300 f4.8-6.7 ?
Hi Iam mulling over the idea of buying a MMF1 adaptor so that i can use my 12-60 & 50-200 swd also EC14 on my new epl1. However if am not careful i will be defeating the object of not lugging around a load of heavy gear (E3 and the lenses) . i must admit that im finding it tiresome hiking about with the heavy stuff. So with my little pen I hope to be inspired to get out more to try and get some club competition A3 shots. Ive already got the m14-42 & the new m40-150 lenses ( they are brilliant) , Ive been offered 400 part exchange on the 50-200swd towards the new 75-300 f4.8-6.7 micro lens. Although gaining in a lot lighter lens i will be losing out to a slower lens and will the new lens, even though it has some exotic glass in it, be a match in IQ to the superb 50-200 ?
I would appreciate any thoughts . Bob

Who's_E 11th January 2011 09:43 PM

Re: Any user reviews/tests on the new micro 75-300 f4.8-6.7 ?
I looked at augmenting my m.Zuiko range but decided against it because the cost of the smaller lenses is huge for what you get. Funds willing, I will get the MMF1 and use the large lenses on my E-P1 rather than fork out for the micro optics, although I will probably not be using my 50-200mm on it.

If you consider that the regular 70-300mm (a good optic by all accounts) retails at 250, 600 or so for the smaller version is well over twice the price.

I appreciate the wish to downsize, though. If you are set on that route, I would keep the 50-200 SWD as you may want to compare IQ with the new lens - there will be a difference. The chap in the shop is having a laugh at 400 as the last one on here was advertised at 570:


I hope this helps set your mind.


bobtimber 13th January 2011 10:25 AM

Re: Any user reviews/tests on the new micro 75-300 f4.8-6.7 ?
Hi Nick
Thank you for your reply. What you say makes a lot of sense, now that i have really thought it through i have come to the conclusion that i would seriously suffer "sellers remorse" in parting with the 12-60 & 50-200 swd. In my opinion, it probably makes more sense to keep really good lenses (cause they should be compatible on any future Oily bodies) and if anything possibly trade in my E3. Anyway i am definitely going to buy the MMF-1 adaptor and see how the big lenses perform on the epl1 and take it from there.
You may have saved me from a disastrous impulsive trade- in.
Thanks Bob

StephenL 13th January 2011 10:51 AM

Re: Any user reviews/tests on the new micro 75-300 f4.8-6.7 ?
If you want my tuppenny worth, the best regular 4/3 lenses for the Pens are the 14-54 Mk2 and the 40-150 Mk2. Both balance well on the body, focus with a degree of speed, and the 40-150 in particular works out really inexpensive even factoring in an adapter, plus I don't think its vastly larger than the m4/3 version.

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