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Turbogirlie 18th November 2012 11:07 PM

E3 F__ Error
I am new to the E3, having bought a second hand body back in July. I have an E400 so use the same lenses between cameras.

All was well until a few weeks ago, when I changed the lens on my E3. In a moment of absent mindedness, I forgot to turn the camera to off before removing the lens.

Since then, randomly, when I am taking a photo, I get the message of F__ where the F number should be shown, and the auto focus doesn't auto focus. I can switch it off & on again & then carry on taking pictures, everything then functions as normal.

I have changed batteries, also removed & refitted said lens, with the camera switched off, but am still getting the 'error code'.

Any ideas?

SteveJ 18th November 2012 11:13 PM

Re: E3 F__ Error
I haven't got an E-3 but these sort of errors can happen if you have dirty contacts between the lens and camera. Try giving these a clean.
Good luck

DerekW 18th November 2012 11:26 PM

Re: E3 F__ Error
I do not think this is due to the removal without switch off but due to the faulty connection between the lens and the camera.

When you get the problem have you tried removing the lens and re inserting it with a firm grip to try and overcome the problem.

I had this problem with my E3 shortly after I received it. The camera was replaced by Olympus and I think that other people had this problem

First of all gently rub clean all the pins in the lens mount of the body, make sure that they all return to the extended position easily after pushing them in. If one or more are sticky then can cause the problem. Also clean the pads in the lens mount.

Also check that the locking pin in the body is working when you press the lens release button on the body. Several people had failures in this area when the cameras first came out.

I have read somewhere that you should check that the mounting plate on the camera is firmly attached to the body so check all the screws that hold the mounting ring to the body - do not force or damage the screw heads.

If this does not fix the problem and it only occurs on the E3 with the lenses and not on your other body then I think you will have to send it in for a service.

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