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  • Creative Live free Olympus tutorials

    Is anyone watching these free Olympus courses?

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    Re: Creative Live free Olympus tutorials

    Apparently not!

    Are they any good?

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        Re: Creative Live free Olympus tutorials

        Well looks like I'm the only one watching these! Anyway watched the Astro one yesterday evening all 2 and a quarter hours of it and excellent it was too. Great for a beginner like me who just never seems to get round to having a go. Maybe I will now. Peter Baumgarten the presenter was really great and made it a really enjoyable watch despite having cloud troubles. Definitely learnt a lot from this one. Well done Olympus too for putting this event on. I think there will be chances to catch it today on repeat too, not sure when they will stop streaming for free.


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          Re: Creative Live free Olympus tutorials

          Are they available on demand (for free!) Or just play at specific times?
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            Re: Creative Live free Olympus tutorials

            I'm not sure but I think they will only be available as paid for courses now the Olympus sponsored days are over.


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              Re: Creative Live free Olympus tutorials

              I've not looked at the free CreateLive tutorials as I'm still trying the grasp the basics, but I did get the paid for Introduction course, and fwiw, here's my thoughts.

              I started off using the Friedman and Phillips book, following the recommendations on here. It is undoubtably useful and I followed mostly their suggested settings as they seemed to make sense.

              However, I don’t have the time to practice using their settings in the situations that they make sense, so things weren’t really sticking.

              I bought the CreateLive video set of Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II Fast Start by John Greengo.

              It’s a bit of a mixed bag I have to say.

              Some parts are poor, he had not run through the material or set the camera up properly and was stumped when something went wrong, as it did on more than one occasion. Not what you want on a paid course.

              Some parts are a bit ho-hum - the “I won’t go into that menu as that’s a 5 hour course right there” - i.e. you have to pay more for the advanced course so I won’t even do the basics.

              Some bits are undoubtably useful, and having seen the features or settings being used, has built on what what in the Friedman book so that I’ve more idea of the feature than from the book.

              Until you have all the video chapters downloaded, then opening the CreateLive app on the iPad without a wifi connection just seemed to trigger a “failure to connect” message so I couldn’t run the chapters I’d already downloaded. I ended up downloading most of them at least twice before the app finally allows me to select and run any of them as I choose.

              Even with all the chapters downloaded, the app still tries to connect to it’s home page first before it lets you get what you’ve already bought, presumably in the hope of selling you something else first.

              There’s an email at least every other day trying to sell me more courses, which is a bit optimistic given that I’ve only just bought their dummies guide, but I was expecting that so it’s no big deal. Maybe once I’ve got past the basics then I’ll go looking for a course that covers what I want to take photos of.

              On the whole it’s proved useful, as age and lack of time meant that the density of the Friedman book wasn’t sinking in the way I wanted.

              Would I buy it again - probably, as I can follow the videos more easily on the train than I can follow the book.


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                Re: Creative Live free Olympus tutorials

                Thanks for that review. Yes I still get offer emails too but they are easy to ignore. As I watched those courses for free I can't complain about the value but they were only $19 each at the time so if I'd bought the Astro one I would have been pretty pleased with it and it would be great to go back and re-watch the bits I've forgotten already.