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assign M/F to record button on EM5 Mk1

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  • assign M/F to record button on EM5 Mk1

    Hi, I have re-assigned A/F to function button 2 and M/F to the record button on my EM5 Mk1. I have tried to do the same thing on my friend's camera, which is the same model but was purchased a good six months before I bought mine, and we cannot get the M/F to assign to the record button although the A/F to function 2 button is no problem. Could it be a firmware issue? Any help appreciated.

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    Re: assign M/F to record button on EM5 Mk1

    Works OK on mine which is an early (pre-ordered) model.

    Can you assign any other function to the REC button? If not the button may be faulty.


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      Re: assign M/F to record button on EM5 Mk1

      Hi Peter, I'm not sure as I was telling my friend by phone how to do it but she said it would not work. I will be going round tomorrow so I will get back to you on it.
      Thank you for the quick reply