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    Re: Hello from Wiltshire

    Personally I use Flickr. They want you to pay for it if you store more a 1000 photos though. Works for me at the moment....
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      Re: Hello from Wiltshire

      I also use Flickr ..... but not for storage.
      After what Flickr did I couldn't use any online service to store my stuff. All it takes is a change of rules or a server or anything else to go wrong, like 'tinternet itself etc. etc. etc and you're up that certain creek with no paddle at all.
      Three external hard drives, all turned off unless I'm writing or searching, so that even if my PC went bosoms up they are safe.
      Just my take on things of course.


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        Re: Hello from Wiltshire

        I just upload stuff to the site's own gallery. Some people find that awkward, but I think there are tutorials and instructions around.



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          Re: Hello from Wiltshire

          I would never store any of my photo masters on-line as it would mean paying indefinitely to a host to keep them. Stop paying and I'd lose them.

          I have selected full-res JPG copies on my personal website but all my images (JPG, raw and TIFF copies) on my main PC are backed up onto an external 4 x 2TB USB drive box and second backups on my NAS which is configured as a RAID1 (which gives an extra backup within itself).

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            Re: Hello from Wiltshire

            Originally posted by DrWebb View Post
            I have a plan for a landscape providing it stops raining long enough for me to get out of the house!
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            m 4/3 EM1MkII + 60 macro, 12-100 Pro
            FL20, FL36 x2 , FL50, cactus slaves etc.
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              Re: Hello from Wiltshire

              I use Flickr - the free 1000 image account is plenty if you're starting from scratch just sharing online. I paid for Pro last year because I've been a user for a long time.
              I only upload at 1080px in the vertical

              Set up the account, then click on the curved arrow on the image you want to share and paste the BBCode here and the image will appear here.
              Bear in mind that not everyone has a high res monitor - if you share at something like 1000px then users can click through to Flickr to see it larger and the rest of your photostream.