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OMG! We have the ZD 9-18mm f4-f5.6...

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  • OMG! We have the ZD 9-18mm f4-f5.6...

    Hello everyone,

    as you may know, the Olympus Safari Group is attracting so many serious photographers, who appreciate the value of shooting with Olympus DSLRs that Olympus have begun to have a high degree of trust in our opinion - we have a number of extremely exciting projects in progress.

    It is due to this trust, that Olympus have supplied us with the first ZD 9-18mm f4-f5.6 lens, with a view to having our members give their own opinion of its' use in the real world!

    I will of course try to answer any questions here - and get some samples up today, but it is more important that you get a chance to share your opinion with your peers... and luckily, we have an event pre-planned for this very occasion!

    Here are the details from Tim...

    The next Olympus UK Photo Safari Group mini-event in the London area will be this weekend, taking advantage of the Open House London weekend to visit some of London's buildings that are normally closed to the public.
    On Saturday, we will visit the City of London, taking in the following:

    * Broadgate Estate - normally has a no photography policy, so it's a good chance to get some shots of some landmark buildings and public art in the Square Mile
    * Spittalfields Market & Christ Church Spittalfields
    * Andaz Hotel (formerly the Great Eastern)
    * former Stock Exchange building & tower
    * Bank of England
    * Guildhall
    * Vintners Hall
    * Lloyds of London
    * Leadenhall Market

    ending up back at Liverpool Street Station. We will meet here at 10:00:

    Google Map Meeting Point

    On Sunday, we will go to Crossness Pumping Station, meeting at Abbey Wood station at 12:00:

    Google Map Meeting Point

    New members welcome - please register via the above links.

    Tim Lees

    If you can't make the event this Saturday, and would like to contribute to a Safari Group review of this hugely significant lens for 4/3rds, then please keep eye on our upcoming events here :

    Olympus Safari Group Upcoming Events Map.

    Or you can join the Olympus Safari Group, and request an event on your doorstep!

    Join the Olympus UK Photo Safari Group here.

    I am so excited about the other news we have coming up for you!

    But for now, would you please leave any questions here for our Safari Group members to consider in their real world field tests?

    I will try to answer any questions, having the lens with me here.

    Kind Regards


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    Re: OMG! We have the ZD 9-18mm f4-f5.6...

    Why is it that whenever there is a UKPSG meet, I am doing something else!!
    Not happy that I cannot make the London meet, it sounds like it will be a good day out.
    (Coming to Donna Nook though)


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      Re: OMG! We have the ZD 9-18mm f4-f5.6...

      It's your own fault Dave, you have all the tools to propose your own event, around your own commitments and we'll come to you! lol

      Cheers & see you at DN - it should be a very special event this year, as I did a good scouting trip last year.



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        Re: OMG! We have the ZD 9-18mm f4-f5.6...

        okay...what do I have to do to get a Safari event in Shetland?


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          Re: OMG! We have the ZD 9-18mm f4-f5.6...

          Organise one yourself crimbo.


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            Re: OMG! We have the ZD 9-18mm f4-f5.6...

            Step 1. Join the Olympus Safari Group

            Step 2. Post an Event to our Events Map
            Olympus Safari Group Upcoming Events

            Step 3. Promote your event to all the existing Safari Group members in your 'catchment area' :

            And invite all the other 'poor isolated' Olympus shooters in your area to join the Safari Group to get an active, passionate support group going in your area! lol

            There are many more benefits to joining the Safari Group - give it a go and you'll see what I mean

            Kind Regards



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              The event went extremely well...

              Just a quick update, we had a wonderful mini-event in London last Saturday, and we're producing a field report now... in the meantime, I've posted lots of image samples here :
              pbase gallery - many ZD 9-18 samples.

              I think this lens is going to be in huge demand - it's a superb compromise on the way to the 7-14

              Kind Regards