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which camrea?

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  • which camrea?

    Hi I have acquired the Olympus E3 and the Olympus e30 the e3 has only done 8000 shutter counts and the e30 has 1300 shutter counts both in super condition for age.I like them both but I can only keep one camera which one would you keep?

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    Re: which camrea?

    Definitely the E30 I have both and the E30 is by far the better camera.

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      Re: which camrea?

      E30 is by far the better camera

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        Re: which camrea?

        The E3 is certainly weather proofed but I don't think the E30 is. That may affect your decision.

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          Re: which camrea?

          Ok thanks for the replies my issue is that I would like to shot landscapes and I am a bit worried about the e30 ie if I shot around rivers and waterfalls.


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            Re: which camrea?

            Besides the E30 having a 12Mp sensor over the 10Mp of the E3, the E30 has the lens AutoFocus Fine adjustment which becomes necessary with some lenses.
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              Re: which camrea?

              Sell both. Get em5mk2
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                Re: which camrea?

                Either sell both and invest a bit of money to get a new compact camera, or keep the E-30.

                But I would honestly invest in a new or second hand modern Olympus camera, even the ones of the last generation are by far superior to the E-30.