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  • WD Store for students

    Hi all,

    I would class this as a Goodie! If you are a student and go to:

    You can sign up with a .ac account and get some very good discounts. If your university isn't on the list then you can email them with your university info and add them.

    Hope this is of use

    Best wishes


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    Re: WD Store for students

    Yup ... Works well!


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      Re: WD Store for students

      Works great - thank you! Somehow I always seem to be running out of storage and you can't have too many backups!

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        Re: WD Store for students

        I work in a FE College and have got some very good deals.

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          Re: WD Store for students

          Originally posted by Johnheatingman
          I can never really comprehend why people "working" in educational establishments such as universities, and schools etc. should be allowed to benefit from discounts supposedly intended for students. I guess the manufacturers and retailers are not too concerned as it gives them an additional source of targeted revenue.

          Its because students take advice from people around them and then people get into habits and continue with those brands for life

          Its one of the reasons that a lot of people moved into UNIX back in the 80's because it was discounted to universities so the people coming out were more familiar with it than other operating systems

          BTW does WD backup software still miss out all the system and hidden files like it used to at one point in the past? I had to help someone who had faithfully used it to backup their system only to find it actually only did part of it.
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            Re: WD Store for students

            Interesting. They obviously don't know that anyone can obtain a free Open University email account, whether actually a 'student' or not. Which you could then use to get discounts on this site.

            You merely have to create an account for OpenLearn, their free courses.


            This will give you the requisite address needed.

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              Re: WD Store for students

              WDs recertified stuff's not too bad either. `i have a couple of their reertified drives and while I would not want to store my life's work on them, so far so good..