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Gallery comment weirdness

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  • Gallery comment weirdness

    Its weird (hence the title) but if I look at some of my pics via the My Photos link it says there are no comments. But, if I look via the messages at one that says someone has made a comment, lo and behold, said comment is there. Is this a bug?

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    Re: Gallery comment weirdness

    I've also noted somethign strage. I just uploaded a few images and then looked at todays images in teh calendar control and I sa many of them duplicated. When I look in my album thy are not duplicated.

    Not sure what's going on so if I've done something daft please let me know.

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      Re: Gallery comment weirdness

      I also have found some weirdness with the gallery comment notifications. I have searched for a setting that will allow me to recieve all comments made so I can reply to those. At the moment, there have been a few comments made to my images that I had no idea of, and felt a little rude for taking so long to reply.

      I make it a habit of looking regularly now as I don't want anyone to feel I am ungrateful to them for taking the time to reply.


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        Re: Gallery comment weirdness

        I uploaded some pics just to get advice on, and because they are not in an album I cant see a way to delete them. Or did I miss something obvious



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          Re: Gallery comment weirdness

          We run PhotoPost, which is designed to work with the forum software we run, vBulletin. The PhotoPost/vBulletin integration is good, but not 100%.

          The latest version of PhotoPost that we run also introduced a lot of new features but the roll out was not, in my view, ideal and some aspects of the software changes were very odd.

          The internal gallery comment/rating notification system is not integrated with the vBulletin private mail system, which is a shame.

          If you upload a picture and include it in more than one album or category, it will appear more than once.

          I'm not 100% sure about the deletion issue - I will look in to that. As a general note - be careful about deleting images as there is a chance they may be displayed in a forum post.

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