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My first portraits

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  • My first portraits

    I borrowed a studio light from the Photographic Society to play with. Used my flash in addition as fill light. Took in total 15-20 pictures and these were the ones I were satisfied with. Any advice on what to change in the light setting? Add a reflector? Lighter background?

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    Re: My first portraits


    Portraits, in the main, are all about the eyes. In both they are sharp which is essential. Once you get beyond getting the eyes absolutly right, it's pretty much personal choice as for the way you set things up.

    There are nearly as many books written about portrait photography as people taking them and every one has a "style" that the writer has developed and likes to produce. So you will just have to do the same and develop that style that you like most.

    I started doing portraits a few years back and have taken many thousands of images of many many people. Every one is different and I use different techniques on each of them, more so as the mood takes me rather than how I think they would "look their best"... Sometimes it works and sometimes not but every single time I learn lessons on how to do it better next time.

    The thing I make most comments on when looking at images is "distractions":

    The 1st has, what looks like a set of wings attached to the girl that is only showing on the RHS and add nothing to the picture but a distraction

    The 2nd has some light marks on the background and the tip of an emblem on the jumper that could easily be cloned out to get rid of the distractions.

    Some may comment on the pose. These are kids, it has cost you a fortune in treats to get them to sit for you and these are a typical kids pose, so well done for getting anything this good. (Now make good on the promissed treats )

    May I suggest you borrow one of their stuffed toys (again it will cost you) and play with lighting that and bring back the girls to each of the different sets to see what works best for each of them.

    Most important of all - Have fun


    We often repeat the mistakes we most enjoy...


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      Re: My first portraits

      Thanks for commenting. The first photo is taken in between a "flying session" with my 5-year old. She wanted me to take a picture as she was "flying" with her wings. I'll try to remove the wing on the RHS in PS later.

      The second photo was sort of a candid shot as she was leaning on the chair. I see the stripes on the wall and it's really distracting. Will have to play more with PS later. I didn't notice the top of the logo but after you mentioned it I see it all the time.


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        Re: My first portraits

        Edited the photos :


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          Re: My first portraits

          Well done radar, like the eyes on the first and the way the hair falls over the hand on the second. Overall I prefer the lighting, tones and contrast of the second image.

          regards ewan