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Red window at city hall

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  • Red window at city hall

    I was in walking the town on Sunday and came across this window. I thought the reflection and detail work was interesting. The sun was making it difficult to not blow out the highlights, so I remembered I had HDR at home and bracketed the shot. I have to remember that in difficult lighting conditions I have this option now. This is what I came back with, any comments?

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    Re: Red window at city hall

    I like "pattern pictures" and this is well spotted. I particularly like the way the reflection is distorted and at odds with the regular geometry of the stonework. I'd have been tempted to clone some lines to get the same block pattern on both sides (inconsiderate builders)

    As for the sunlit area, that too is well handled (thanks to HDR) and while it poses a distraction it still adds to the reality of the moment.

    Thanks for showing this.

    We often repeat the mistakes we most enjoy...


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      Re: Red window at city hall

      Lovely shot - but I'd crop the bottom 2 lines of stone - the shape is anyway unresolved - and they (to me) unbalance the image.

      Nick Temple-Fry

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        Re: Red window at city hall

        Thanks for the comments. I'll play around with the cloning to see what it looks like, as with the crop.


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          Re: Red window at city hall

          Nice shot, The master of abstract and pattern