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  • Which One?

    Can you help…..I need to submit one of these images for a comp at the local camera club, the trouble is I’m really, really not sure which one I should enter .
    I would value some opinion from forum members.



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    Re: Which One?

    No 2 for me, I like the pattern of the steelwork. In fact I would crop the sky severely and present it in letterbox format.

    It follows, on my record, that no. 1 as shown is therefore the better option.


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      Re: Which One?

      Hi Mike

      Number two for me also.

      Regards. Barr1e
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        Re: Which One?

        I'd say #2 too. Seems that much sharper and greater contrast.
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          Re: Which One?

          Hi Neil

          I have a preferance for Pier1, I think the birds in the sky on Pier2 are a bit distracting. But I think the overall image in Pier1 is more appealing. Although it does seem a tad more soft. I think it gives a bit more than Pier2.



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            Re: Which One?

            Number 1 for me as well.

            The colours beneath the pier and in the reflections and the lighting of the signs and the bulbs all give the image a lot more interest and as said the birds are a bit distracting in the 2nd

            However it is let down by the lack of the front of the building and the cut being part way through the dome - if you have more then use it - if not crop in a bit from the right until it looks straight

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              Re: Which One?

              The first is far far better with a more interesting perspective and nicer reflections. I am certain that the first one would do quite well too (it would if I was judging............!)

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                Re: Which One?

                Number 1 for me.

                Its because the horizons visible below the pier and the angle of prespective is nicer.

                Well done.

                Ps the other one's nice as well
                All the best

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                  Re: Which One?

                  I prefer No 1 but I think both of them look a little flat and could be improved by darkening the mid tones and upping the saturation a touch.

                  Ian C


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                    Re: Which One?

                    I'm a number 1 fan as well - it gives the idea of length, and you've got the the three different textures of sea extending out on diagonals.

                    Number 2 is OK - but I'm distracted by the concrete abutments on the rhs, they don't form a finished shape.

                    Anyway there is something about the pier as an unanchored bridge in 1 that appeals.

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                      Re: Which One?

                      No1 for me also, more textures and interest. I might be tempted to crop the bottom just below the red reflection, just to strengthen the lines.
                      The picture tells the story, great when you have a bad memory.DW.


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                        Re: Which One?

                        No.1 for me, think the lights help lift theimage and the colours are better.
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                          Re: Which One?

                          No 1 for me. I like the reflections and find the foreground distracting on number 2. Also the perspective on no.2 seems strange, as though it was taken with a very wide angle lens.


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                            #2 with the balloons N.T.

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                              Re: Which One?

                              No 2 but crop the top. Long things almost always look better in "Panoramic" format. Try a 16x9 crop


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