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fading Bluebells ZD 25mm pancake test

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  • fading Bluebells ZD 25mm pancake test

    I thought you may like to see a close up test of the 25mm pancake lens. This was taken at f2.8 (E420) on a tripod, using Live View and the image magnification function to get accurate manual focusing on the parts I wanted.

    The lens performs very well in all conditions aside from slight distortion and some CA in very high contrast situations. The bokeh stands out to me as being very pleasant with it wide open and I'd say Olympus are on to a real winner if they can lure people away from zooms because this little thing punches well above its weight for image quality.
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    Re: fading Bluebells ZD 25mm pancake test

    I think this is absolutely lovely, you have really captured their beauty. I like the amount of DOF you have used, its just right and very effective. I agree the bokeh adds to the beauty of the image.
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      Re: fading Bluebells ZD 25mm pancake test

      Cracking shot. There are some instances where selective focussing is required. This is one of them. Looks like a nice lens.


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        Re: fading Bluebells ZD 25mm pancake test

        Nice - I do like flowers before/after their prime - you can associate far more with them.

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