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A couple of random shots

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  • A couple of random shots

    A couple of random shots taken around the house while getting used to the different settings on my E600

    Taken just minutes after a shower of rain

    Our pet cat Sophie with a look of "any closer and I'm going to Bite you"

    Just a cloud shot was play with the 2 cheap filters I had brought so can't remember it this was shot using the Polarising or the Neutral density one.
    May all your shots be in Focus

    E-600 and 14-54 and 40-150

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    Re: A couple of random shots

    I'd guess the third shot was with the polarising filter - but I may be wrong, anyway it makes a nice composition with the trees and cloud.

    First shot, might have needed a 'tad' more sharpening but I like the water droplets.

    Sorry - I'm not a cat person

    Nick Temple-Fry

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