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New Orleans nights

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  • New Orleans nights

    Bad news i'm afraid.Just got off the plane 5hrs ago and this is only the first three of many.No doubt you'll be fed up shortly of seeing scenes of the New Orleans music venues.

    Cheers Iain
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    Re: New Orleans nights

    Like it, keep 'em coming


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      Re: New Orleans nights

      love them... its somewhere I've always wanted to see...

      so like Neil says, keep 'em coming!
      Tracey Jones

      Its a shame that humans dont come with autofocus, like cameras do!


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        Re: New Orleans nights

        So it's dried out then

        #1 is a classic shot almost out of the ark !

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          Re: New Orleans nights

          Like 'em all but no 2 does it for me.
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            Re: New Orleans nights

            Wonderful shots. they capture the atmosphere. If you are hiring a car and get a chance try one of these tours. Went on one in'89 and it looks like the same people still do them. Somewhere in my prints I have a pic taken cuddling up to a Nutria (Coypu to you and me). Also try K-Pauls Louisiana Kitchen, the best Cajun food from the man who invented Blackened fish dishes.
            Yours enviously


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