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My first 'moving water' shot...

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  • My first 'moving water' shot...

    Hi All

    Wasn't feeling too good today - think I ate something not nice in Dusseldorf airport yesterday evening that left me feeling Nauseous when I arrived home and again during the night, and was feeling sick today; so I decided that a little bit of good old fashioned fresh country air might just be the right tonic.

    So, went out for a short walk to a location a few miles outside Newport, close to the village of Llanvair Discoed, called... The Cwm. It's only a very narrow road that leads about a mile to a dead-end, where there's a lovely farmhouse and walk trail. This farmhouse is of course private property, but I know they permit walkers to ramble as long as respect is paid.

    I have been wanting to visit there for some time now, the last time was nearly 9 years ago - but hadn't had a chance over since getting my E-3, so took the opportunity to pop up there today with Jen and the dogs for a short, quiet 1 hour stroll. Got my feet wet a little but enjoyed the experience!! Here's my first ever shots of 'Moving Water', lots of lessons learned: could have done with longer exposures on a few of them, could have done with wearing wellies instead of my walking/hiking boots, and WOW... what a mistake I made when I started taking shots - I had left the camera on ISO3200 and couldn't for the life of me figure out why I wasn't able to 'up' the shutter speed in S mode on my E-3 without totally blown images appearing d'oh!!

    Showing my inexperience eh

    Made excellent use of the Live View feature though... for some of the shots, the tripod was in 8" of water, with the E-3 just 6" above the surface. Got a few drops on the lens on a few shots (that I haven't uploaded... )

    So, here's two shots from the walk, the remainder are on my online gallery - link at bottom of post for those interested. As ever, c&c most welcome.

    Pick of the rest found here...

    My blog page
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    Re: My first 'moving water' shot...

    You have some nice Images there mate,& you say there your first moving water Images!!
    Well could have fooled me...
    Hope your feeling better now,should be after taking those.
    All the best
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        Re: My first 'moving water' shot...

        Hi John,

        Very nice indeed and excellent for a first attempt. Just a personal preference, but I think that there is too much emphasis these days on getting a " milky water" effect. Rather than trying to get a longer exposure time it would be nice to see some shorter exposure shots, just enough to make the water slightly blurred so that it isn't "frozen", but that is just my personal view. What ISO did you end up shooting at, 100? Still very good and there is excellent detail in the moss and branches at the edges.

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          Re: My first 'moving water' shot...

          Hiya John

          Sorry to hear you've been feeling off-colour. Hope the country air helped

          I like the effect you've got with these shots. As you know I'm a fan of the misty, smoky water effects
          I really like the first one, the detail in the foreground adds to the image. I had a look at the images in your gallery too and the 6th image I very much like. I really like how you have the holly and greenery framing the water.

          Great shots, you should be really pleased


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            Re: My first 'moving water' shot...

            Thanks Susan, much appreciated.

            I was inspired to have an attempt at these type of shots after seeing the excellent images that you posted a little while ago. I seem to remember one of your very first image posts being absolutely superb - and wanting to try out the similar effects used. I haven't made it to your standard, but am possibly taking another trip up to the Cwm on the weekend and will have another go.

            I am ao very glad you mentioned image #6 in the gallery I posted, as this was exactly the effect I was after i.e. using the foliage to 'frame' the stream. When someone posts their thoughts on ones image, and those thoughts match what I had in mind when I was preparing for and taking the shot, I have to admit that it makes for a very pleasurable feeling indeed.

            Thanks Sue... you have made my day


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              Re: My first 'moving water' shot...


              Some great shots . I like the first one more (but only just!) for the rich colours and although still water is in the middle it only serves to enhance the smoky effect in the faster flowing parts.

              I'd say though, if you are to repeat these shots you would need BIG wellies or, heres something novle hows about flip fops & shorts?

              Kind regards



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                Re: My first 'moving water' shot...

                you can borrow mines

                Jesting aside I love your shots.

                We should organise a E Forum meet sometime


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                  Re: My first 'moving water' shot...

                  very nice shots mate, and you've just given me an idea for next week hopefully it wont have change since i visited 5 years ago.


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                    Re: My first 'moving water' shot...

                    Originally posted by BigD View Post
                    very nice shots mate, and you've just given me an idea for next week hopefully it wont have change since i visited 5 years ago.
                    Thanks BigD - glad to have given you the idea for your shots. Don't forget to post them when they are ready OK...


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                      Re: My first 'moving water' shot...

                      will do john