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US Civil War - Rockingham Castle

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  • US Civil War - Rockingham Castle

    My Son Matt with his E-420 and me with my E-520 were surrounded by 100s of nikons and Canons (not the ones that went boom, although there were a few of those!) so I'm not sure whether anyone else made it .... we had a great time and I thought I would upload a few photos ... See my Gallery for others. I think I managed to take 600+ shots during a gloriusly sunny day but felt these were more affective in B&W , grainy with pinhole affect not sure whether I got it right..

    Trooper -


    The Battle

    Gentlemen Of The South

    All these were taken with the Zuiko 70-300mm

    Hope everyone else managed to enjoy this weekends good weather.
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    Re: US Civil War - Rockingham Castle

    Nice shots, I like the mood the B&W has created.


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      Re: US Civil War - Rockingham Castle

      Thanks Neil,

      The weather was really sunny, so making he B&W did make the photo's more realistic to my mind. I just wanted to know if they were over-done.

      Here's a picture of the 'battle field', from the castle, before the troops arrived; taken with my new zuiko 9-18mm

      I have put more events in my area into the calendar just incase others are interested...

      Kind regards
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