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Newbury on fire!

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  • Newbury on fire!

    Over the weekend Newbury hosted an arty event. They do this sometimes. They had stilt walkers once. They had a lantern parade.

    This year they had a Fire Garden and the town centre was filled with a lurid arrangement of braziers, fire filled trees, various automata incuding fire, and lots and lots of little pots with fire in them.

    It was quite a spectacle on Sunday evening (the only day it didn't rain I suspect) and the streets were jammed with families, kids, dogs, pickpockets, photographers and occasional marshals.

    Considering you have to have to carry out a risk assessment before kids can play conkers - how on earth did they get away with loose fire all over the town? **

    So - pictures above were either my Pen F with the 45mm or my phone (I wish I had taken the 12mm F2)


    ** If it helps, the fire garden was put on by an art group from France - where presumably no one gives a ship.
    Look, I'm an old man. I shouldn't be expected to put up with this.

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    Re: Newbury on fire!

    Nicely captured, and a little luck with the weather. It seems to be grotty pretty much everywhere at the moment.