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Grey seals at Horsey, Norfolk

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  • Grey seals at Horsey, Norfolk

    A few from a visit to Horsey to see the juvenile grey seals hanging around like scruffy teenagers.


    I'm ready for my closeup... by AMcUK, on Flickr

    This one was such a poser!


    Sun bronzed seal by AMcUK, on Flickr

    The colour on this one was just amazing, a metallic copper/bronze!


    Just chilling out by AMcUK, on Flickr

    Constructive comments are always welcome! :thumbsup:

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    Re: Grey seals at Horsey, Norfolk

    The first is the pick for me
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      Re: Grey seals at Horsey, Norfolk

      Originally posted by alfbranch View Post
      The first is the pick for me
      Cheers - that little seal had moved a lot further up the beach and seemed to be enjoying the attention.
      They're obviously curious about all the humans wandering around but fairly relaxed about them. Having seen the massive males fighting in the mid winter I don't get too close.


      Who are you looking at? by AMcUK, on Flickr


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        Re: Grey seals at Horsey, Norfolk

        Great images, the colour of the coat in No. 2 is incredible, but I do like the pose in No. 1.

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