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  • F35?

    Spotted over Wicken Fen this morning... Not very stealthy as they're f'in noisy!

    I didn’t get where I am today....

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    Re: F35?

    And ugly.


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      Re: F35?

      At the speed they can travel operationaly (1200 mph) it would be out of sight again before you heard it. Landing and takeoff are a different matter.

      she looked at me and said "It's official. I hate your camera. It's just so amazing and perfect I want one!"

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        Re: F35?

        I think they are beautiful, but then I'm biased. Watching them display for the first time last year was thrilling after waiting so long.


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          Re: F35?

          Being noisy and ugly comes with the territory. When I was stationed at Tengah/Singapore in the 60's the engine noise caused the beds to chunter across the floor. Coltishall in the 70's wasn't much better.

          Living where I am now, any aircraft noise seems too far away to be a bother.

          Of course, it does help when you can switch off the hearing aids.
          It's not what inspires us that is important, it's where the journey takes us.

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