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Winter Moon EM10

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  • Winter Moon EM10

    Just had to give this a go with the Oly EM10 last night. I was taking some shots with my Canon DSLR then decided to do the same with the Oly.

    This is through a Skywatcher 180 Mak Pro (180mm Maksutov Cassegrain at at F15 prime focus, equating to 2700mm.

    This is a very reduced version the original being 260x260cm, it made my PCs eyes water during processing, one massive file.

    This is a mosaic of 6 panes, each pane being a stack of 20 sub frames, stacked and processed in a little prog called Registax then manually stitched in Photoshop.

    Its not the sharpest, my Canon takes better but I couldn't resist giving it a go. Hope you like it

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    Re: Winter Moon EM10

    Good job on the mosaic. I can't see the joins.

    Have you tried an further sharpening or increase in contrast on the final image.

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      Re: Winter Moon EM10

      I know Registax (an old version probably) and wonder what option for adding the subframes you chosed? Add? Sigma? Mean? etc.
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        Re: Winter Moon EM10

        Good stuff. I tried and failed to use registax on the frames from a 30 sec video I took of jupiter so well done for mastering the software.
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          Re: Winter Moon EM10

          Thanks chaps, Ive scratched the itch now on using the em10 through the Maksutov, I shall stick with the Canon I reckon.
          Ive sharpened it as much as I dare Harold using wavelets in Registax, any more just loses definition.
          The conditions werent great for working at that focal length but the em10 is anoisy little blighter shutter wise. Ive used the delay with no marked improvement.

          Ive been using Registax for a few years now on lunar, planetary and solar close up videos but stacking 20 large tiff single frames really makes the pc churn.