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Banded Demoiselle RIP

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  • Banded Demoiselle RIP

    I found a recently deceased Banded Demoiselle in my drive this morning and thought it a shame to dispose of such a beautiful creature without recording it in some way - so I decided to have a go at macro stacking using PS CC

    Even dead it was a real swine trying to get this thing lined up for the best composition + DOF but this is what I ended up with, being a blend of a stack of around 12 images

    Shot under ambient light in my conservatory using the EM-1 + 60mm macro off the tripod, using a remote release

    (I think the halo around the right antenna may be from having the conservatory door open as there was a bit of movement )

    Demoiselle face stacked by BrianWadie, on Flickr

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    Re: Banded Demoiselle RIP

    Certainly some achievement Brian!
    My Flickr

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