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  • Skye

    Saturday had been mentioned as a possible date for a meet with some of the folk from the Camera Club and after some hasty last minute arrangements I was whisked off to Skye. We drove through pouring rain and high wind with no definite venue for the first stop so I suggested Talisker Bay to see if the weather and the high tide would provide some drama.
    Breakers and a waterfall flowing uphill was enough drama for me:


    As the tide receded the lovely black sand was exposed along with shiny black rocks:


    There had been very little rain at Talisker Bay, but as we got back to the car the heavens opened again so we decided to drive the short distance to Glen Brittle and grab some lunch to see if the weather improved; it did so we headed up the path to the Fairy Pools.
    Here are a couple of shots of Sgurr an Fheadain, The Waterpipe Gully and Allt Coir a'Mhadaidh, usually known as the Fairy Pools, Glen Brittle (or Gleann Bhreatail):



    I thought that I would just mention for all those who attended the E-System User Group meet on Skye a few years ago, there were no naked women swimming there this time!

    By the time we finished at the Fairy Pools it was nearly dark and we had to head off home, but there was a quick stop at Eilean Donan Castle for a quick night time shot:


    Thanks for looking

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    Re: Skye

    Great shots, and that third shot is especially appealing to me (in the absence of bare naked ladies!).

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      Re: Skye

      What Stephen said. The fourth shot's not bad either.
      It's the image that's important, not the tools used to make it.

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        Re: Skye

        I lurve them all (as I am not interested in bare nakie ladies)
        Esp. the first & last
        I Lurve Walking in our Glorious Countryside; Photography;
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          Re: Skye

          come on team - bare naked ladies and waterfalls flowing uphill????

          superb photography though = thanks Iain
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            Re: Skye

            I really like 2, 3 &4.
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              Re: Skye

              Looks like a great day out for you fellas

              Number three is a beauty Iain, I would be very happy to have taken that

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                Re: Skye

                A superb set Iain, great to see the Fairy Pools at different time of year.
                I'll go with Greg on number three
                Regards Huw

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                  Re: Skye

                  Stunning, especially considering the weather conditions, no.3 for me.

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                    Re: Skye

                    Great trip by the look of it. Three, four and five all catch my eye but three especially is a corker.


                    I've worked hard to be this grumpy. It hasn't been easy at times but it's worth it.


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                      Re: Skye

                      Nice shots. Thanks.
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                        Re: Skye

                        Love them all and No.3 just jumps off the page for me - great shots, thanks for sharing them and I do agree that the "uphill waterfall" in the first images is stunning (should have got closer though...........LOL).
                        Ian from the Cotswolds


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                          Re: Skye

                          A good series but 3 and 4 are by far my favourites, very atmospheric and beautiful images


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                            Re: Skye

                            Fabulous shots Iain, #3 is a bit special , although I'm biased having spent a rather exciting skye-rain-day in that gully. Being a mountains kind of bloke, I'd have cropped the bottom pool off it, just to the middle of the 1st rock, to give a tad more prominence to Sgurr an Fheadain.

                            That upwards waterfall is something else, isn't it

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                              Re: Skye

                              Great shots, Fairy Pools are my faves. Booked in for July on Skye, looking forward to it.