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First snaps...with E-1

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  • First snaps...with E-1

    Went up the lane Sunday and grabbed a few snaps, the camera feels and handles great just need some lessons on how to use it properly


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    Re: First snaps...with E-1

    Lovely shots Pete:

    I am really envious of your 'new' E-1 - I'd love to get my hands on one but finances don't allow it . Although I have an E-3, I'd really like an E-1 too, as a second body. Ah well, I can dream!

    Am I correct in thinking they were taken around Old Winchester Hill? Lovely scenery - I discovered this place during the summer, and hope to go back soon to do some more photography.

    Well done - the camera looks a good 'un!!


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      Re: First snaps...with E-1

      Well done.

      I bet your well pleased with the colours it produces.

      Looking forward to some more.

      Jpeg's out of the camera or Raw???
      All the best

      Being left handed my brain sometimes works sdrawkcab


      Lots of cameras and lenses.

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        Re: First snaps...with E-1

        tlove, you are spot on Old Winchester Hill and around HMS Mercury. You have got an E-3 I am really shocked that you would want an E-1 as well. I got the E-1 as I could not afford an E-3!!
        Andy, I am shooting Raw although I need to look at that, as although on Sunday I took about 200 pics at the above and down at Portsmouth Harbour the harbour ones came out with a JPEG copy.
        Correction they all came out with a JPEG copy, some more homework is needed.



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          Re: First snaps...with E-1

          I like the colours, I have an E1 which I use in tandem with an E510, I'm not convinced that I'm missing very much by not having an E3, I would prefer to invest in better quality glass, who knows one day that may change.

          I look forward to seeing more of your work in due course.



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            Re: First snaps...with E-1

            Peter L,

            The setting Raw and jpeg must be on. I always found raw a lot more reliable on my E1 and prefer to do the PP at the laptop. If you can get hold of this book


            It will really help you get around the E1. Quite a few on here use the E1 and it is a good resource for advice. Good luck.


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              Re: First snaps...with E-1

              Originally posted by petrovich View Post
              You have got an E-3 I am really shocked that you would want an E-1 as well.
              Sorry to shock you Peter - just call me greedy .

              I usually find when I'm out and about that when I have the macro lens (and ring flash etc.) on the camera I see a bird I want to photograph, then when I have the Bigma on the camera I see an insect/flower etc. that I want to photograph .

              Much as I would like another E-3 body, it's completely out of the question, and I've heard so much (and not just from people on this forum) about how great the E-1 is, I've decided that I would really like to invest in one of those - except I can't afford one of those either !


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                Re: First snaps...with E-1

                tlove, now I understand.....