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Muntjac Deer

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  • Muntjac Deer

    This young lady first appeared in our garden, with her parents, in the really bad snow 3 years ago. We have the pleasure of her company when it gets really cold each winter.
    The picture tells the story, great when you have a bad memory.DW.

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    Re: Muntjac Deer

    Sharp shooting img1, would love to see it in colour.
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      Re: Muntjac Deer

      How lovely that they return! She is beautiful and a lovely shot.


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        Re: Muntjac Deer

        Muntjac are an alien species here and a real pest. They may look cute but their release shows the folly of allowing non indigenous species (eg rabbits and cane toads) into a country. We have them all over the village eating flowers and vegetables in the gardens and on the allotments. In the woods they damage the understorey including iconic plants such as bluebells and the effect is to reduce the nesting habitat for some bird species. Although they are good eating their commercial value is limited because they are so small and not many are shot.

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