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Sock monster!

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  • Sock monster!

    Just for fun on Christmas Eve...taken with my Samsung S850 compact camera as my Oly's are worse than useless in low light, even with the external flash...honestly, I give up...I didn't get ONE usable shot from either of them! They are blurred, too dark, too light....not ONE is any good...

    All the best everyone!

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    Re: Sock monster!

    Good job you have these too show. Can't quite understand the probs with the Oly's , I use built in flash a lot.

    Put a help thread up on the subject, sure their are some of us who can advise.
    Please put the camera models up, helps tremendously.

    The picture tells the story, great when you have a bad memory.DW.


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      Re: Sock monster!

      I'm using an e510 and e520 with a Metz Mecablitz 36 AF-40 flash.

      I just cannot get decent results with it...the subject is either blown out with too much light or there is simply no light at all and all I get is a dark and unrecognisable subject. The built in flash is about as much use as a chocolate teapot...

      I've tried pointing it directly at the subject....I've tried bouncing it off the ceiling...I do have it fitted with a diffuser, but I can't see that is causing the problem?

      I've tilted it every which way I can, but nothing seems to work, so for anything indoors I have to revert to my trusty Samsung compact camera...

      I have to say that at a recent wedding, the flash performed beautifully, particularly for daylight fill-in photography, so I have a sneaky feeling that I've managed to get something set incorrectly...but somehow I've managed to do it on both cameras!

      Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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        Re: Sock monster!

        I found the Metz flash awful on my E410 and E620 (it was hit and miss functionally) but it failed after not even finishing one set batteries. You need to switch it on every couple of months or the capacitor gets out of shape

        My Nissin is far superior has motorised zoom and works really well and works with my XZ-1 too.
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          Re: Sock monster!

          I had read that the Metz Mecablitz 36 AF-40 flash was every bit as good as the Olympus FL36 and some said it was better.

          I have to admit I had no problem when usingthe FL36 on my E-510. Was the Flash set to TTL ?

          I was using my FL36 a lot to do bounce flash off the ceiling while getting snapshots of the Grandkids over Xmas and had no problem using it on the E-PL3 which it really was not designed for.

          Regards Paul.
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            Re: Sock monster!

            Some great advice on setting up both camera and flash on this link Janet.

            Although the flashes referred to are the fl36 and fl50, I am sure it will help jog your memory regarding any changes in settings you may have made


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